FAQ: Everything You Need to Know About Duromine in 2019

By June 13, 2019 August 8th, 2019 Expert Blog
Duromine FAQ

You finally start a weight loss journey, which can change your life. In this post, we answer the questions you often ask. If you did not find the answer and want to ask a question, or may be a hundred of them, please contact us.

We often get such questions. YourBody.Expert can say that Duromine is recommended for use in people aged 12 to 65, regardless of the severity and type of obesity. The drug is not recommended for the elderly, but what’s 45? You’re definitely in the right age to use it and fight obesity! Starting a healthier life is never too late.


Although Duromine may increase your energy slightly, it usually does not affect your sex life. The drug may cause an increase or decrease in the interest to sex and/or impotence in men (very rare side effects). Of course, if these manifest, they will change your sex life for some time. Luckily, these symptoms are reversible and may either pass as you go with treatment or, if you decide to stop using Duromine, they pass almost immediately.


You need to take a few steps to go through Duromine prescription requirements:

  • Visit a doctor (family doctor or obesity specialist).
  • Talk honestly about your problems and your attempts to lose weight.
  • If diets do not help you get rid of excess fat and you have no contraindications to the use of the drug, doctor issues a prescription.

This drug is anorectic. It acts on a region of the brain, which controls your appetite. You eat less, while not feeling hungry or getting cravings for junk and sweet foods.


Most people notice the effects caused Duromine, in 60 to 180 minutes after the ingestion of the capsule. It is important to keep in mind, though, that the capsules dissolve gradually, so the appetite suppression does not occur immediately. At that, some users need more time for the effects to kick in, sometimes up to 10 days. If you think that it’s not working for you, continue taking these weight loss pills for up to 10 days at least.


If you want that Phentermine (the active substance of Duromine) begins working as quickly as possible, you should not break or chew the capsules. It won’t help. The only correct solution is to use another drug, e.g., Adipex tablets, which dissolve quickly in the stomach.


The answer is simple. Doctors and scientists already did it all for us. Take one capsule in the morning every day. You can find more tips in this article.


Australians often order Duromine online, because it is very convenient. Usually, residents of the United States, South Africa, UK, Malaysia, Canada and other countries cannot get a prescription from Australian doctors, so they cannot buy Duromine online from Australia.


Drive carefully, especially at the early stage of treatment. Duromine may impair driving skills, like alcohol or certain drugs. Do not drive a car or operate complex machinery until you know how the drug affects you.


Sleep tips:

  • Considering that Duromine is a stimulant, always swallow the capsule in the morning.
  • Be physically active, and you will not only lose weight faster, but also fall asleep better.

Remember one important thing – Duromine without exercise does suppress your appetite, but the weight loss rate is rather low. If you take these weight loss pills, it’s not the best idea to look for easy ways to lose weight, since they do not exist. The more you exercise, the more you burn stored fat.
At that, if you feel that your heart beats faster when you exercise, and you find it hard to breathe, or get any other unpleasant sensations, you might need to engage into exercising slowly. Your body might need some time to adjust to the action of the drug.


You not you can buy Duromine diet tablets, because they simply are not present on the market. iNova Pharmaceuticals (Australia) supplies its diet medication in the form of capsules only. On YourBody.Expert, you can find weight loss tablets similar to Duromine: Phentermine and Adipex.


In fact, you do not need to enhance the effect of Duromine. The effects and optimal doses of the drug were identified during clinical trials. Just let the drug work in a normal way:

  1. follow the doctor’s recommendations,
  2. do not miss doses,
  3. avoid alcohol and other drugs,
  4. switch to healthier diet,
  5. increase physical activity.

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