Refund Policy

We are aware of the fact that customs clearance can rarely become an obstacle between the parcel and its recipient. So, it’s a natural thing for you to wonder what we will do about it, should it ever take place.

The great news is that we will resend your products, free of charge, and provide you with a tracking number, as well, so that you see how your goods are approaching you on every single step of their way.

Warning about Duromine delivery

Our experience shows that the customs lets Duromine freely through, unless it is the state of Victoria the place of destination. Therefore, we should warn you about the possibility that your order can be seized by the customs. If this happens, we resend it at our own expense once again and provide you with a tracking number, as well.

If the customs seizes it for the second time, unfortunately, there’s nothing we can do. We are sorry. It means that it will not reach you, no matter how many times we send it. However, we will not charge you any amounts for the second package nor will we refund you.

Cancellation Policy

Attention! Due to strict processing conditions, we do not accept applications for refusal or total cancellation of your order. Cancellation after placing and payment is not possible. Your order will be sent to you under any circumstances.